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Adrenal Fatigue Diet

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It is very important if you are having significant symptoms of adrenal fatigue that you go all in to heal. An anti-inflammatory diet is crucial to heal the gut, regulate hormones, and drop anxiety. In my experience, clients that still occasionally eat any of these can derail their progress quickly.

An adrenal fatigue diet should consist of well sourced protein, organic fruits and veggies, and healthy fats. In addition, an adrenal fatigue diet should eliminate all gluten, corn, grains, dairy, processed food, sugar, alcohol, eggs, and caffeine in order to promote gut healing and decrease inflammation.

Leaky gut tends to go hand in hand with adrenal fatigue. The stress response from gut issues generates a huge amount of cortisol output from the adrenals so healing the gut is critical to improving your adrenal fatigue.

People with adrenal fatigue often struggle with anxiety which could be just caused by poor blood sugar regulation. An easy way to test this and work to manage your blood sugar better is by eating more protein, healthy fats, and fibrous carbs as listed below.

1 | Well Sourced Protein

When we talk about well sourced protein it means organic, farm raised or wild caught meat, chicken, fish or wild game.The reason this is so important is that what an animal eats and how it lives directly affects how it will provide you with necessary nutrients. Get to know a farmer and order your meat and eggs from the source. Well sourced meats are a super foods that will provide you with great sustained energy. Well sourced meats and eggs digested slower and provide a steady source or energy and hop to manage fluctuations in blood sugar.

In addition, it’s very important that you avoid all seed oils. While there is a lot of misinformation out there saying that a vegan diet is healthier, eating products with seed oils such as Beyond Beef Burgers can really limit your ability to heal your adrenal fatigue. Check out this article to see how seed oils damage your mitochondria & lead to chronic disease.

2 | A Wide Variety of Veggies

Eat the rainbow when it comes to fresh organic vegetables. Vegetables are a great source of fiber and low in sugar supporting the blood sugar management issues you might be facing. Micro nutrients are important for helping your body to heal from adrenal fatigue. Eating a diversity of veggies will provide you with a wide array of vitamins and minerals that will boost your immune response and assist your body in doing what it knows how to do, which is heal.

3 | Sweet Potatoes & Wild Rice

Trying to avoid inflammatory foods like dairy and gluten can feel frustrating when trying to fix your adrenal fatigue. Organic sweet potatoes and wild rice are great substitutes for bread and dairy products. We highly recommend preparing your rice and sweet potatoes in as many ways and you can. We sauté, bake and fry them in coconut oil to add amazing flavors that don’t leave you missing bread.

4 | Beans & Lentils

Beans and lentils are an amazing source of protein and fiber. Many individuals struggle with gassy and bloated symptoms when they have adrenal fatigue. If you have significant issues with gas from beans integrate them slowly and in small amounts. Lentils are a bit easier to digest and integrate them in soups to ease digestion. Also, remember to soak your beans overnight to help decrease the impacts on the GI tract.

5 | Organ Meats

Ancient medicine believed that like cures like and eating organ meats provides a nutrient dense, vitamin packed delivery service for recovery. Organ meats such as liver and kidney can provide you with vitamins that are more bioavailable. As little as 2-4 ounces of organ meats a week are more powerful than any multivitamin. If you struggle with consuming organ meats, a few companies that will freeze dry them and put them in capsule form. As with all meats, make sure the organ meats are sourced well.

6 | Bone Broth

One of the most powerful things you can do daily to help improve your gut health is consume good organic beef bone broth. The glutamine in beef bone broth will start to close up the holes in your gut, which in turn will allow your adrenal glands will recover faster. Adding bone broth to your meals is also a cheap and easy way to improve gut health. You can buy grass fed soup bones and throw them in a crockpot with onion, celery, carrots, and garlic overnight and then add it to your meals or sip on the broth throughout the day to get the glutamine you need to recover.

7 | Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is antibacterial and anti-fungal and kills off the bad bacteria in your gut, helping you to heal. Eating spoonfuls of high-quality coconut oil throughout the day is one of the many ways to repair your gut health. You can also use coconut oil for cooking and baking.


Recovering from Adrenal Fatigue can feel like a grind but if you stick to these core eating principles it will help you heal your gut and give you sustained energy. Managing blood sugar can lead to highs and lows when you are recovering but having a balanced diet high in protein, healthy fats, and fibrous carbs will help you feel more level. Consistency over time is the secret to recovering from adrenal fatigue.

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